About Bitfocus, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Bitfocus, Inc. is changing the way communities integrate software, systems, data, and policy to innovate and strengthen the nation’s social safety net. We develop software and provide services that affect and change lives, connecting our most vulnerable populations to the most effective resources available in their communities. Our products and services empower organizations and communities to better leverage their resources, helping them to become data-driven in their efforts in all areas of health, human, and social services.

Our diverse and inclusive culture has played a key role in our success at Bitfocus. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or disability.

About our Community Administration Team:

  • Working closely with community partners to guide, plan, and manage complex initiatives in response to new federal funding.
  • Consulting with city leadership about how to bring new shelters into the local coordinated entry system.
  • Configuring Clarity Human Services to allow two agencies to share data with each other.
  • Creating and reviewing data quality and outcomes dashboards to identify priority areas for agency outreach and support.
  • Designing audience-appropriate trainings for front line staff, agency managers, and other community stakeholders. Topics may include: HMIS requirements, coordinated entry workflow, local initiatives, CoC best practices, and/or other HMIS-related topics.
  • And so much more!

Success/Impact Statement:

As an invested member of the local community, the Deputy Project Administrator provides a range of in-person and remote leadership, planning, and training services across the homeless response system. The Deputy Project Administrator develops and maintains a comprehensive partnership with the customer at multiple levels, anticipating needs and providing solutions as a critical part of the region’s homelessness response systems. The Deputy Project Administrator cultivates relationships of mutual respect and trust between the customer, local stakeholders, and Bitfocus — allowing all entities to successfully meet their objectives.

As a Deputy Project Administrator, you will:

  • Live locally for periodic in-person meetings and trainings across the Continuum of Care. When not attending in-person obligations, the position will be remote.
  • Implement and manage HMIS policies, procedures, and data sharing agreements on behalf of the HMIS Lead Entity.
  • Engage community leadership using multiple strategies and invest in building trusting relationships.
  • Work closely with customers and stakeholders to identify and resolve complex business and data collection challenges through the lens of our Clarity Human Services software, HMIS requirements, and community goals.
  • Develop trainings and presentations to deliver in front of live and remote audiences.
  • Initiate and monitor projects being managed by Bitfocus project managers that support the work happening in the communities we serve.
  • Monitor and reconcile invoicing and billing for the robust suite of services outlined in contracts.
  • Coordinate stakeholder communication around project milestones and timelines.
  • Develop subject matter expertise on Clarity Human Services software.
  • Develop subject matter expertise on the local and national policies, practices, and program models that impact the homelessness response system.
  • Build and boost customer and stakeholder relationships.
  • Collaborates closely with the Senior Project Administrator in accomplishing the team’s annual workplan, including distribution of workload, setting priorities, and monitoring performance.

You will love this position if:

  • You enjoy working with others to solve problems and explore new ideas.
  • You are an innovative, systems-level thinker who uses best practices when approaching problems and resolving conflicts.
  • You maneuver through complex political situations in an effective, diplomatic manner.
  • You are highly adaptive, and are able to adjust your approach and solutions to serve the unique needs of the person or environment.
  • You are enthusiastic about technology and learning new software applications and database products.
  • You are detail oriented, able to track many complex and shifting priorities and related project outcomes and financial components at the same time.

Required experience that drives success in this role:

  • You have a proven ability to work effectively with civic and other community leaders, social service agency staff, and a variety of other stakeholders.
  • You have developed and conducted large trainings and are comfortable facilitating discussions across varied audiences.
  • You possess sophisticated diplomacy and communication skills.
  • You have a demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and contractual obligations, including ability to constantly triage, moving projects along parallel timelines while responding to new priorities.
  • You have excellent people/public relations skills.
  • You have strong analytical abilities with a working knowledge of descriptive statistics.
  • You are highly organized with excellent time management skills.

What makes you stand out:

  • You have demonstrated expertise in adult education/training, data analytics, and/or project
  • You have an understanding of the complexities and nuances of homelessness response systems.
  • You have experience working with local government in a vendor or consultant capacity.
  • Subject matter expertise in one or more of the following domains:
    o Coordinated Entry
    o HMIS
    o HUD and/or Federal Partner Requirements & Reporting
    o Continuum of Care Roles and Responsibilities
    o Data Quality Improvement
    o Data Visualization